The visit to the NGV.

Yesterday the juniors went to the National Gallery of Victoria.

First we ate brain food and snack. Second we had a tour and we saw a lot of art.Then we had lunch outside and after we played tag and 40-40.Then we went to ACMI and I loved it. Last we had an art lesson with Rosemary and David. We did self-portraits. Then we went back to school on the bus. I had a really good time. By Niamh*


Story Time!!!!

Last week the Juniors explored lots of different stories.

We watched a story called ‘Round the Twist’. It told  a story about a boy that found a baby in a cabbage patch. We think it is a fiction story because the baby was green and that can’t be real! – Chantelle

We used puppets to tell a story. One of the puppets flipped around to a fairy. There was also a lion and giraffe and finger puppets. -Ebony

We listened to classical music on the computer. We had to follow what the music was doing. If the music was slow we had to draw slow lines on paper. If the music was fast we had to do fast lines on the paper. -Josh S.

We also wrote a story by looking at a painting. It was hard to think of a story because we had to link it to the picture. – Alexa

We looked at different story books and I looked ‘the Cat, the Mouse and the Runaway Train.’ I was partners with Sophie and I got to read a story to her. My favourite part about exploring stories was writing one. – Hamish

We also watched a ballet performance and it was called ‘Swan Lake’. I enjoyed watching the ballet because I thought it was really good. I think it was telling a fiction story through dance. – Elva