Our Environment

This Term for our Inquiry Unit we will be looking at environments. Yesterday we had to brainstorm by ourselves all the things we know about environments.

Riley: Nature is an environment.

Celia: The ocean is an environment.

Eve: Gardens are an environment.

Madeleine: The sunset is an environment.

These ideas help us to decide what is an environment and what is not an environment.

Do you think all of these ideas are environments?

Why do you agree or disagree?

James thinks nature is an environment because there are plants and trees and worms to help things grow. There is also green grass and people.

Jake said there is wild life in an environment.

Eva said the ocean is an environment because there is fish and seaweed and all sorts of animals live there.

Erin said the garden is an environment because there are plants in it and plants are part of the environment.

Patrick said sunset is part of the solar system and the solar system is an environment.


6 thoughts on “Our Environment

    • Thanks Angus. When we love the environment we need to do something to protect it. This way everyone can enjoy it too!!

  1. I agree with you guys, The environment is becoming destroyed and we need to do something about it. Pope Francis is trying to do the same thing.

  2. Hi dudes,
    I think the environment is really cool.It’s a peaceful place for animals to rest and play.
    Okay guys, I guess I should be finishing up. Bye!!

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