We Are the BEST!!!!!!

The Junior classes this week were learning how to write a text that persuades the reader to see things from their point of view.

We had to persuade you the reader that our part in the school production was the best act.


We are the Best

by Junior KF

Junior KF is the Best act in the Whole School Production!

Our class practices more than all the classes put together.

We have the best costumes because our costumes are stylish and sparkly. We have fabulous, fantastic headpieces for the girls and the boys.

Our theme Aladdin is the greatest story of all time with the best characters and the most action!

Our song is awesome. It is a great tune. You can really groove to it. One song is smooth and the other is Rock and Roll.

Our dancing is incredible because we have super legendary moves.

YES, Junior KF is the Best!!!!!

We hope we have persuaded you that on the night you should definitely look forward to Junior KF’s act!!!!

2 thoughts on “We Are the BEST!!!!!!

  1. Dear Juniors,

    I’m so convinced by your argument that I can’t wait to see your performance on Thursday! Will your argument come true? Great writing, Juniors.

    Mrs Yore

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