Story Time!!!!

Last week the Juniors explored lots of different stories.

We watched a story called ‘Round the Twist’. It told  a story about a boy that found a baby in a cabbage patch. We think it is a fiction story because the baby was green and that can’t be real! – Chantelle

We used puppets to tell a story. One of the puppets flipped around to a fairy. There was also a lion and giraffe and finger puppets. -Ebony

We listened to classical music on the computer. We had to follow what the music was doing. If the music was slow we had to draw slow lines on paper. If the music was fast we had to do fast lines on the paper. -Josh S.

We also wrote a story by looking at a painting. It was hard to think of a story because we had to link it to the picture. – Alexa

We looked at different story books and I looked ‘the Cat, the Mouse and the Runaway Train.’ I was partners with Sophie and I got to read a story to her. My favourite part about exploring stories was writing one. – Hamish

We also watched a ballet performance and it was called ‘Swan Lake’. I enjoyed watching the ballet because I thought it was really good. I think it was telling a fiction story through dance. – Elva





Our Amazing Toy Inventions!!

This term the juniors have been designing and making toys to share our learning. The juniors have learnt about lots of different forces such as:
Push and Pull
Gravity and Tension

The juniors had an incursion on toys and they learnt a song about forces.

The juniors can’t wait to share their toys by having an expo!

The juniors have had a lot of fun learning about toys.

– Miles, Junior B
We hope you enjoyed learning about toys this term. Here photos of your amazing toy inventions. What did you enjoy most about this term?

From Your Teachers.





Giraffes can’t dance!

Have you seen our dancing giraffes yet!?

Junior B watched the story ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ and talked about how everyone can be different and that we shouldn’t put other people down.

After watching the story we then made our giraffes that CAN dance!

We hope you enjoy some of our artworks.

Junior B


Fun With Maths!

Hi everyone,

This week we are learning about measuring capacity and volume in maths.

We explored this by using lots of different materials and measurement tools, we even got to measure outside in the sandpit!

What have you enjoyed so far about this topic?

Your Teachers


It’s Winter and it’s cold!

Check out some of Junior B’s winter artwork and writing!


Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress!!!

Hi Juniors

We know you are having so much fun using reading eggs and reading eggspress at school, but what about at home? We would like you to share what you have really enjoyed!

Write a comment below so we can share your ideas with everyone else 🙂

Your Teachers

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.35.56 pm


Toys have Invisible Powers

WOW! What a busy Term 2!

Last week the Juniors made 6 different toys that used different invisible science powers! It was so much fun.

We made split-pin animals, parachutes, windmills, chatterboxes, spinners and paper boats.

I wonder if you remember how the toys moved and how they stopped?

Here are some photos of us at work!


Happy Mother’s Day!!!

We hope all the Mothers love their beautiful artworks from the Juniors



Toys in Motion!!

PUSH and PULL it makes things MOVE but FRICTION makes things STOP!
GRAVITY brings things DOWN, DOWN, DOWN and TENSION brings things back UP, UP, UP!
TORQUE makes things go ROUND and ROUND!

 We had lots of fun learning about toys and their invisible science powers on Tuesday with Lydia!

Here are some photos from the day



Toys, Toys, Toys!!!

This Term the Juniors are learning about the science of toys! We are so lucky we get to explore such a fun topic.
Today, everyone in Junior B brought in a toy to compare. We looked at the different materials the toys were made of, and the different function the toys have.
We used hula hoops to separate the toys .

Here is our first try at separating the toys into materials they are made of.

See if you can guess the difference between them.


I wonder why there is one toy in the middle?

In the next picture we separated the toys according to its function.

What do you notice?

Here’s what some of us said:

Toys push and pull. – Oscar

Different toys do different things, like push or pull. – Chantelle

I learnt that different toys do lots of different things. Some don’t do any movements like a pillow or soft toy. – Ebony

All different toys have different materials like plastic and wood. – Tara

It’s nice to see other people’s toys and it was good using the hoops to see the difference between them. – Olivia


Thank -you!

Junior B